Change the world while you sleep

Are you looking for unique hotel experiences? Can you believe that you can change the world while you sleep?

The magdas Hotel is Austria’s first hotel run as a social business (Mag das in German means I like that).

Entrance area

Located on the edge of the public park landscape of the Vienna Prater, this social business brings people of different origins together—to stay, to work, to live together. This hotel is a place of encounter. It is in a building that you might not pay attention to, but it is full of love.

This is where different cultures meet. It is where architecture and humans grow together. Twenty-five teenagers—who came to Austria as refugees without their parents and live with support from Caritas—stay in two shared-apartment units nearby.

For them, the hotel is a temporary place to stay, and for some of them, it is also their workplace. Magdas Hotel used to be a senior citizens’ home dating from the 1960s. After closedown it was reconstructed to a hotel. Magdas Hotel is a house to generate fresh chances. Refugees therefore make up most of the hotel staff, learning together with others to get a foot in the labour market.

Operated by 20 former refugees and 15 professionals of the hotel industry, the magdas Hotelis a meeting place of 16 nations, 20 spoken languages, different cultural backgrounds, touching life stories, funny anecdotes, international guests, neighbours and a big portion of heartiness.

This encouraging collaborative togetherness was expressed in the architectural design, from the furnishing of the interiors to the lobby, restaurant and bar, also hotel rooms and apartments. The architect group AllesWirdGut adeptly mixed second-hand and found pieces. The subdued, harmonious, and elegant colour concept was complemented with distinctive individual items of furnishing, furniture with a past, and found objects with a history.

Architect Daniel Büchel did a superb job with individual design elements and colour concepts and equipped the rooms with recycled furniture including hand-knitted lampshades, vintage armchairs, and wardrobes that were previously to be found in the compartments of Austrian Federal Railway trains. Every room has a different upcycling design.

The multifunctional ground floor is all at once a reception area and lobby for hotel guests, a living room for the young people staying here, and a bar and restaurant for visitors. In a nutshell: a place of encounter.

As a social business magdas aims to solve social economic problems with entrepreneurial means. It’s not about maximizing profit, it’s about maximizing openness and humanity.

So, are you ready to change the world while you sleep?



瑪格達斯旅館( magdas Hotel) 是奧地利第一家經營社會企業的旅館。(mag das 德文的意思是我喜歡)

這個社會企業位在維也納普拉特公園(Vienna Prater)的公園景觀邊緣,將不同血統的人們聚集在一起- 留下來,工作,一起生活。這家旅館是一個相遇的地方。在一個外觀很不起眼的建築物中,但是充滿了愛。





建築師Daniel Büchel在個性化設計元素和色彩概念方面做得非常出色,並為房間配備了可回收的家具,包括手工編織的燈罩,老式扶手椅和衣櫃,這些家具以前可以在奧地利聯邦鐵路的車廂中找到。每一間房間的創意重用設計都不一樣。


Magdas hotel作為一種社會企業,終旨在通過創業方式解決社會經濟問題。這和將利潤變最大沒有關係,而是在於將開放性和人性化發揮到極致。

所以,你準備好要在睡眠時改變世界嗎 ?