4D Experience

The first time I visited New York, my cousin took me to Grand Central Station to see the famous main concourse with its starry sky ceiling. But the most interesting experience in the station was playing passing messages under the arches. If you face the wall on one side and speak normally, your friend opposite – facing the other wall – can easily hear your voice, even over all the loud chatter in the busy station.

Maybe because the arch is part of the ceiling, but also part of the wall, I love this flowing connected part the most.

An interesting place in MuseumsQuartier, where people used to walk past.

In the MuseumsQuartier in Vienna there is a special passageway called TONSPUR_passage. In a little public space it combines the arts of sound, wall painting and architecture. The black and white, stark wall painting style reminds people of the Italian artist Esther Stocker. You can also find her work on the wall of the building neighbouring Graz Kunsthaus.

What and where is TONSPUR_passage?

Suddenly the wind blew through the passage way. I was attracted by the sound of the wind chimes at the top of the ceiling. In this passage way I enjoyed the 4D experience. From 27th August 2018 to 24th November the sound piece “Echoes of Mind” was broadcast here. It was piece created by Polish sound artist Franciszek Araszkiewicz. Every year four different sound art works, created by sound artists from around the world, are shared in this passageway with everybody.

This blue light would make this space look different in the night.

The most interesting part of public art is SHARING! If you take pleasure in something yourself, why not share it with others?



第一次去紐約找我表哥時他帶我去中央車站參觀有名的星座天花板。但是在車站中最有趣的經驗是他帶我去一個有拱頂的結構那裡玩傳話。如果你面對牆壁用正常的音量說話, 你的朋友在對面的牆可以聽到你的聲音, 甚至在如此吵雜忙碌的車站中可以聽得很清楚。


在維也納展覽館中心 MuseumsQuartier Wien裡有一個很特別的走廊 TONSPUR_passage。一個小小的公共空間,結合了音效,壁畫藝術及建築之美。黑白鮮明又顯目的壁畫風格讓人馬上就認出來是義大利藝術家Esther Stocker 的作品。在格拉茲現代藝術博物館附近也有她的壁畫作品。

Intersesting combination with disco balls and wind chimes.

突然起風,我被天花板上的風鈴的聲音吸引到,在走廊中享受4D體驗。從2018年8月27日到11月24日是播放來自波蘭藝術家Franciszek Araszkiewicz的作品Echoes of mind。每一年有四個來自全世界不同藝術家的音效作品會在這和大家分享。

About this sound composition.