Neue Mitte Lehen- Salzburg


Most people who come to Salzburg visit the old town, and also the house where Mozart was born.

But every place has its so-called secret tip that tourists do not know about.

In the Lehen area of Salzburg there used to be a football stadium. Since this was removed a new area of social infrastructure has been created by the architectural office Halle 1. This office won a European competition, in which 142 architects participated.

They’ve kept the football area where it used to be. This space reminds people of the architecture that was there before. The new buildings are separated into western and eastern parts.


In the western part you can find a multifunctional building with a city library and a panorama bar, which sticks out of the whole complex. During the underground work there was a problem with the structure of the ground, so the engineers had to take special measures to make the foundation strong and stable. On the ground floor there is a lending library and cloakroom for visitors. A red spiral staircase goes all the way up to the second level.


From the first to the third floor are all administration rooms and spaces for books. There is not only a wonderful reading area for children; the library also offers a free piano practice room for them.


Natural light can reach everywhere in the library, and the big glass facade allows the view outside to blend with the indoor area. Of course the whole complex is accessible by wheelchair.


In January of 2009 the library was officially opened. It has a big collection of 150,000 books, DVDs, CDs, and films. After the opening various shops moved in and started business.

To the east side of the building are 48 rental flats, a senior centre and an activity centre. There is a charity organisation called Diakonie Salzburg. It is responsible for a project that gives training to teenagers with disabilities to help them be independent and integrate into society. They have a chance to learn about gastronomy, and later they become one of  the catering service with 22 employees, some of whom work in the panorama bar already.


If you want a coffee break in the panorama bar you have to take a special lift! The first time I took the lift I nearly fell as it started to move. The shape of the cabin and the way the lift moves are not vertical; they slant at an angle. It feels like being on a mountain railway. The view from the panorama bar is certainly stunning. You can see the castle in Salzburg and the mountains around the building, even with indicators on the glass wall. As I ordered coffee it reminded me of the coffee place in the Taipei City Hall, where teenagers with Down syndrome work. Those diligent people really touched me. Just remember to speak slowly when you order drinks and they can manage their work.


Like in traditional cafés, they offer various newspapers. Some people like to come up here after borrowing books from the library, to enjoy their books with a drink. Seniors come here regularly to play cards.  

The smell of the books, the smell of coffee and a great view. What a fantastic experience!




薩爾茲堡的雷恩地區以前有一個足球體育場。拆掉後在原來的地方誕生了新機能的社區。建築師事務所Halle 1 在全歐洲142位建築師參加的競圖比賽中贏得了首獎。




一樓到三樓都是管理及藏書的地方。不但有很棒的兒童圖書閱讀區還有一個提供小孩免付費練習鋼琴的房間。到處充滿著自然光線, 大片玻璃的設計讓四周景觀一望無遺。當然整個建築物都是無障礙空間。


2009 年一月這個市立圖書館正式開放,收藏15萬件書籍,光碟和影片。圖書館開放後其他在底樓的商店陸續搬入開始經營。


東邊的建築物中有48戶出租套房,一個銀髮族中心和一個活動中心。有一個社會公益組織叫Diakonie Salzburg ,負責訓練殘障青年能夠獨立及融入社會的方案。他們有機會可以學習餐飲業,而且這些年輕人已經是飲食服務公司中的22位工作人員。一部分的青年在景觀咖啡中就業。



景觀咖啡當然有無敵的美景,在那可以看到薩爾茲堡的古城,還有群山環繞,玻璃牆上有指標喔。 在點咖啡時讓我回想起以前在台北市政府裡面的喜憨兒咖啡廳。這些勤奮的年輕人讓我好感動。只要慢慢得和他們說想要點的餐點他們都會很用心的去記起來。


和傳統的咖啡廳ㄧ樣, 他們有提供很多的報紙可以在那裡閱讀。有些人喜歡在圖書館借完書就上來這點個飲料看書。甚至很多銀髮族會固定來這裡聚會玩牌。