Zaha Hadid-Bergisel Schanze


2016 年Zaha Hadid 過世時讓我難過了一陣子。翻到老照片時有想過開始一個自己的布落格。現在因很多朋友鼓勵我終於有動力來和大家分享有意思的建築和音樂。

Zaha Hadid是從1979年開始的普立茲克建築獎( The Pritzker Architecture Prize) 唯一在2004年獨得這獎項的女建築師。她的作品都讓人留下深刻的印象。

2015年我有機會到因斯布鲁克 (Innsbruck) 和朋友在Bergisel Ski Jump 吃早午餐。這是冬季時跳台滑雪選手比賽的地方,也是兩次冬季奧林匹克舉行的勝地,第一次在1964年,第二次在 1976年。這個流線型雕塑的建築物高50公尺長度90公尺,在2002年落成。遠看還有點像從森林中站起來的恐龍。1999年Zaha Hadid贏得國際競選後打造了一個煥然一新的跳台滑雪場地,但是當時很多當地的居民反對這個設計方式。主要的質材是鋼筋水泥及玻璃,很簡單也很經典。電梯有分選手或訪友用。咖啡廳的大片玻璃讓人可以欣賞因斯布鲁克的無敵美景,登高望遠真讓人忘記塵世的是非。上面有露台可以看360度的震撼山景,突然覺得自己好渺小。





貝吉瑟爾山跳台滑雪場地建造期 2001/6月-2002/9月14日




As Zaha Hadid passed away in 2016, I was depressed for a while. After finding some old pictures I had an idea to start a blog. Many friends encouraged me to do this, so now I finally have the motivation to share some interesting architectural and musical themes with other people.

Since the Pritzker Architecture Prize was founded in 1979, Zaha Hadid was the only one female architect to receive this honour by herself, in 2004. All her works were impressive.

In 2015 I had a chance to eat brunch with friends at the Bergisel Ski Jump building in Innsbruck. This is the place where professional athletes do ski jumping. Also, two winter Olympic Games have taken place in Innsbruck, in 1964 and 1976. This building looks like a sculpture that is 50m high and 90m long. It was completed in 2002. From a distance the building looks like a dinosaur standing up from the forest. At the time that Zaha Hadid won the international competition (1999) many local residents were against this brand-new design. The main materials were ferroconcrete and glass, which are very simple and classical. The athletes or visitors use separate elevators. The giant windows in the coffee area allow a great view of the wonderful landscape in Innsbruck. Being at that high level I suddenly forgot the sorrows of daily life. Above the coffee area you can find a 360° terrace. Surrounded by the amazing landscape I really felt so small.

Of course we could experience ski jumpers’ point of view. But I think they are all supermen (superwomen), daring to fly down to the ground! And it is quite ironical that in flight, the jumpers are heading straight for the cemetery (literally! Look at the picture!)…

Anyway I have to think again and again about enjoying that brunch in the master’s work.