Secret in the box

I watched a movie many years ago called The Bridges of Madison County. It is about a lifetime secret of an ordinary housewife in the 1960s. After her death, her lawyer notified the adult children and passed on her possessions. The two children found the secret of their mother’s life in her wooden box, with … More Secret in the box

Christmas in Vienna

Christmas in Vienna is a concert event in Vienna. It has been taking place just before Christmas every year since 1992. On 23 December 1992, at the Rathaus in Vienna, American soul singer Diana Ross and Spanish tenors Plácido Domingo and José Carreras performed with the Vienna Symphony Orchestra and the Gumpoldskirch Sparrows (also known … More Christmas in Vienna

4D Experience

The first time I visited New York, my cousin took me to Grand Central Station to see the famous main concourse with its starry sky ceiling. But the most interesting experience in the station was playing passing messages under the arches. If you face the wall on one side and speak normally, your friend opposite … More 4D Experience


The first time I ever heard a performance by Kodo was in February 2012, in Vienna. I hesitated at first because the ticket was very expensive, but the whole group came all the way to Vienna already — how could I miss this unique chance? So I managed to convince myself and got the ticket! … More KODO DRUMMERS

Labèque Sisters- Le carnaval des animaux 拉貝克姊妹-動物狂歡節

Labèque Sisters – Le carnaval des animaux On 26 October 2017 I once again got the chance to go to the Konzerthaus in Vienna for a Labeque sisters concert. I’ve been following their concerts since back when I was a student. I was very impressed by wild Katia at that time because her technique was … More Labèque Sisters- Le carnaval des animaux 拉貝克姊妹-動物狂歡節